Our Story

Jenovice was founded in 2017, having its core development in high-end tactical systems in the field of Bluetooth and WiFi.

Our company understands the challenges that exist in intelligence gathering operations, therefore our systems are designed to maximise the interaction with the target, using new cyber-RF vectors.

We allow new operational opportunities that were not available before.


JENOVICE was established by former members of the Israeli intelligence & security agencies, with extensive experience in investigations and tactical covert operations. The vision was to provide tactical solutions in the field of Cyber-Intelligence.

Operational Perception and Solutions

Our systems are developed in-house by our professional team. We design both hardware and software, in order to provide one tactical kit suitable for vast variety of operational scenarios.
From target identification, to silent data extraction, our systems complete a full cycle of operation, while being target oriented.
We bypass outdoor and indoor challenges in order to work in effective long ranges from the target.

We allow the possibility to operate our systems remotely, by sending all data to a C&C server in real time.

All information can be thoroughly analyzed live, while the tactical team focuses on the operation with an easy deployment of the kit.

Worldwide Client coverage

  • law Enforcements

  • National Security Agencies

  • Cyber Crime units

  • Military Intelligence

Custom technology

We know that the intelligence challenges today are different than before, with ongoing progress and new technology used by the targets. Our goal is to always keep our solutions one step ahead of the market in order to maintain our client's advantage.

Once we entered the field of Bluetooth, we opened a new and sophisticated "hidden path" for our clients. This new attack vector breaks the traditional known way to gather intelligence.

Over WiFi, we offer a full scale of capabilities to interact with targets, after taking in consideration every detail.

The systems are tactical, lightweight, with long ranges and high battery life, to support our clients to reach an effective operation, leveraging what WiFi protocol offers.

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